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Who We Are

We are a global legal alliance made up of public interest lawyers, social justice law firms, and human rights organizations around the world. We are deeply connected to our communities, living where we work, advocating for meaningful change together, and holding governments, corporations, and others who have exploited and harmed our communities to account. We invest in long-term legal solutions for you and the professional development of our Alliance Members.

Who We Are: About

How We Work

International network building

Collaboration at local, national, and international levels is paramount to understanding the nature of the injustices faced and pursuing high-impact legal strategies.


Professional development, knowledge sharing, and action learning

We facilitate transnational, multidirectional knowledge sharing, capacity reinforcement, and case-focused mentoring between Alliance Members, NGO partners, communities, and other stakeholders. We aim to equitably distribute local and international legal expertise, breaking down walls obstructing change and increasing opportunities for professional development.

Legal solutions and services

Our hybrid North-South legal team, composed of Alliance Members and other experts, provide proactive, tailored local and international legal services. Through collaboration, we design legal solutions with our communities and clients and advance strategies which address the root causes of the most extreme forms of injustices around the world.

Who We Are: Products
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Executive Team

Who We Are: Team
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Richard Rogers, Portugal

Co-Executive Director


Kristin Rosella, Cambodia

Co-Executive Director


Kayla Rothman-Zecher, USA

Program Director

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Katie Robayo, USA

Finance & Business Director


Our Board

Who We Are: Team

Matthew McDermott

Board President


Padmini Pandya

Board Treasurer


Göran Sluiter

Board Secretary


Amb. Susan D. Page (Ret.)

Board Member


John D. Ciorciari

Board Member


Natalia Kaliada

Board Member

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