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GD Alliance

A global legal alliance addressing the most extreme forms of social, racial, economic, and environmental injustices around the world

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Our Story

In November 2021, a group of North-South public interest lawyers created GD Alliance to provide high quality, cross-sectoral legal services to individuals and communities impacted by conflict, oppression, and inequality - working on lasting, substantive redress and systemic change.

Recognizing the disparity in available legal services and the lack of meaningful access to justice around the world, a group of North-South public interest lawyers came together in November 2021 to form GD Alliance for the communities and individuals most impacted by conflict, oppression, and inequity.

We see firsthand how governments and transnational corporations, many of which are responsible for the most extreme forms of injustice, can readily access legal advice across sectors from full-service, global law firms. In contrast, the most affected communities have limited access to similar legal services -- if any access at all.

NGOs too often work in silos and do not share knowledge or expertise. This isolation results in inefficiency and single-issue solutions, addressing only the symptoms and not the systemic problems. It ignores the interconnectivity and complexity of the challenges faced. 

We established GD Alliance to ensure that high quality, cross-sector legal services are available to all, regardless of background. We listen to needs, and build hybrid legal teams to assist in designing holistic legal solutions that will bring about lasting, substantive redress and systemic change.

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Areas of Work

Our hybrid, North-South practice groups have diverse legal expertise and access to jurisdictions and accountability mechanisms around the world. We facilitate collaboration across geographies and sectors to find lasting legal solutions tailored to the needs of our communities.

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In the News


Sudan: France’s BNP Paribas under investigation by war crimes judges

March 21, 2022


Brazilian court world’s first to recognise Paris Agreement as human rights treaty

July 7, 2022

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